New Beginnings - MisterWives Collection

New Beginnings - MisterWives Collection

Hi my name is Olivia Mohr, and I am the creator of Pritty Pink Productions. I recently started this company so I could design merchandise for all of my favorite bands/musical artists. 

I started following MisterWives in 2017 after seeing them open for Panic! at the Disco. They have been a staple in my Top 5 of Spotify Wrapped ever since. I have seen them on tour for every era, the photo is from the Superbloom tour of 2021. This band truly means so much to me and I would like to help support them!

My vision with this company is to help support the artists I love, especially the ones who support themselves! For every clothing sale, $2 of the sales will be donated BACK to these artists. I don't like the idea of designing merchandise and none of it going towards the people that actually inspired it; so I am taking matters into my own hands!

Please help me support some my favorite artists. :)

 No social media accounts have been set up for this yet, but they will be soon.

Other artists I would like to create collections for: The Regrettes, Bea Miller, Chappell Roan, and so many more! 

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